March 20, 2015: Man Caught On Camera Burglarizing Open Garage and Unlocked Car

...I was able to capture a burglary at my home and give to our police. If it had not been for the Activity Tracker, we probably would not have been alerted someone was in our house at 3am one Tuesday morning...

...My Large family and myself, a total of 11 occupants from age 2 to 52, were home and in bed when someone found their way into our house while we slept. Thankfully, our driveway camera running the activity tracker sent an alert that someone had come down our driveway, waking me up. I got a picture on my phone showing someone walking down our drive. I looked at the other cameras and saw this guy entering our garage. I was able to contact police, though they were not able to arrive before the burglar ran away. I was able to provide the police the video and images which was enough to identify and arrest the burglar.

Had I not been running your Activity Tracker on my cameras, we probably would never had known someone entered our home because the driveway camera it'self has too much going on, noise-wise, that would have discouraged us from creating alerts. Without the alerts, we would not have woken up, nor would we have thought to look back on the recordings to see if anyone entered our home. The only item the burglar took was a very old GPS we would not have stressed over if it went missing, so there would have been no indication of a burglar having been present.

The video of the entire event was published by my local police department and made all the news in the Nashville, TN area, USA. Below is a link to the video.


One virtual fence in the active detection area.




... and Alert

Thanks again for all your hard work and I hope to see many new additions to your already wonderful program.

Caleb M. Kellerhals