How to set up a plug-in?

To install a new plug-in, copy first your plug-in dlls into the iSpy directory (should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\iSpy\iSpy\Plugins or C:\Program Files\iSpy\iSpy (64 bit)\Plugins) then launch iSpy, edit a channel and go to the Alert tab.

How to record on Alert mode


The picture is flickering in the plug-in configuration form

Use rtsp:// connection with h264 video encoding instead of http:// with mjpeg encoding

I don't understand how to set up correctly the plug-in

If you need some efficient help, you can provide us a remote and temporary access to your computer and we will do it and explain it for you, instead of wasting our time finding out which options is uncorrectly set (in iSpy or iPlugs). You can also send us some video samples or screenshots to explain your issue.

Is my license key correctly set?

If you have a green letter L at the right top of your video channel, your license is correctly set, you don't have to validate it again in the license tab.

How can I speed up the plug-in process?

Note 1: don't process a stream whose resolution is higher than 640x480 (select the secondary stream with a low resolution, 352x288 is often enough).

Note 2: do not process faster than 10 FPS (sometimes 5 FPS is enough).

Note 3: set a constant or maximum bitrate to 1MB/s.

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