Meteor's tracker

This plug-in provides a detection module for iSpy, designed to detect and track meteors with IP cameras.

Thanks to its very efficient adaptative background detector, the algorithm automatically learns where unexpected events like clouds are located.

With its set of advanced parameters, you can easily filter out or not plane's detections for instance.

You can purchase a dedicated low cost 0.0001Lux IP camera here, then enjoy detecting meteors every night with a very low false alarms rate!

The demo version of the plug-in runs for 30 days only.

Download Meteor Tracker x64 v1012

The licensed one allows you to run Meteor's Tracker with an unlimited amount of cameras.

In order to receive your license key, you will need to send us your activation code (see Tips section) via email or simply add it in the field “Information for Merchant” during the Paypal transaction..

Ask your license (25$).


This plug-in is already translated in english and french, please feel free to translate the _local xml language file into your own language.

Launch iSpy in administrator mode during the trial period.

Set the highest framerate (up to 30 FPS).

Set default plug-in values for your first tests.

Modify your configuration for special detections:

if you want to detect planes, decrease the minimal speed

if you want to detect only meteors with longer duration (increase minimal duration) and/or longer trajectory (increase minimal distance) for instance.

On Screen Display information: