New amazing face's analyser

based on aws cloud services

Detect Identity, Gender, Age, Emotions, Glasses, ..



Multi-criteria alerts, for instance Age under 25, is Happy or with Glasses

features keywords

Recognize and trigger alert on previously tagged people

faces keywords

Output smart audio alerts with wildcards:

Peter is coming, Welcome Veronique! or Please take off your glasses

Available voices for many languages

iPlugs subscription is 5.99$ per month per camera

First month is free, stop whenever you want

+ provide your own AWS credentials for Rekognition services

Use the 12 months AWS free offer with 5000 free requests / month

Basic pricing is 1USD for 1000 requests

Face analyser makes AWS API requests only for high confidence offline detected and tracked faces

Dedicated camera is highly recommended (faces in front of camera, clear faces)

The service does not persist actual image bytes. Instead, the underlying detection algorithm first detects the faces in the input image, extracts facial features into a feature vector for each face, and then stores it in the database. Face's detector uses these feature vectors when performing face matches.

Download FACE ANALYSER x64

Download FACE ANALYSER user guide