Activity detector

This plugin provides an advanced detection module for iSpy designed to detect any significative activity in your videosurveillance area.

It is based on a really robust foreground (what you see in red in the picture below) detector from OpenCV. It is non-sensitive to cam vibrations and has a really good adaptation ability in noisy environments.

You have several tools to set up the detector, as a size filter or a perpective calibration.


Try it out every options and make your own experience.

Open this raw video file to test the plug-in (open it directly into iSpy in FFMPEG mode).

The demo version of the plug-in runs for 1 hour only.

Download Activity Detector x64 v1011

Download Activity Detector x86 v1011

The licensed one allows you to run Activity Detector with an unlimited amount of cameras.

In order to receive your license key, you will need to send us your activation code (see Tips section) via email or simply add it in the field “Information for Merchant” during the Paypal transaction..