The People Counter plugin is designed to detect and count people when they cross a virtual fence.

The fence is way-sensitive and you can count in 1, or 2, or both direction.

You can also count people if they simulteanously cross the fence, and be notified when a maximum number of people is reached.


You can select 4 counting modes, in one specific way only (way 1 or way 2), or substract one way to another for instance the number of people crossing the fence in way 1 minus the number of people in way 2 (or way 2 - way 1).

Try it out with this raw video.

The demo version of the plug-in runs for 1 hour only.

Download Counter x86 v1003

Download Counter x64 v1003

The licensed one allows you to run the Counter with an unlimited amount of cameras.

In order to receive your license key, you will need to send us your activation code (see Tips section) via email or simply add it in the field “Information for Merchant” during the Paypal transaction..

If you need to customize yourself the interface part of the counter, in order to communicate with your own system, you can also purchase the counter source code (VS2010 .NET project, i.e the counter user interface only)